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Photographers from Sofia

Please click on this symbol - , which you can find under the name of each photographer, to contact the author.



photographer: Plamen Samuilov
Plamen Samuilov - Sofia
photographer: Valentin Dimitrov
Valentin Dimitrov - Sofia
photographer: Vladimir Stoyanov
Vladimir Stoyanov - Sofia


photographer: Vladimira Rasheva - Daemonia
Vladimira Rasheva - Sofia

Female Body in Photography
Female Body in Photography
Georgi Anchev - Sofia   

photographer: Desislava Genkova - Elrisha
Desislava Genkova - Sofia


photographer: Zdravko Gospodinov
Zdravko Gospodinov - Sofia
photographer: Ilka Antonova
Ilka Antonova - Sofia
photographer: Kamelia Dimitrova - Karameltsche
Kamelia Dimitrova - Leipzig/Sofia


photographer: Lidia Kulekova
Lidia Kulekova - Sofia
photographer: Martin Dimitrov
Martin Dimitrov - Sofia
photographer: Mimi Nikolova - Jujata
Mimi Nikolova - Sofia


photographer: Nacho Kamenov - Kubeto
Nacho Kamenov - Sofia
photographer: Nikolay Litov
Nikolay Litov - Sofia
photographer: Ognyan Geshev - Fressko
Ognyan Geshev - Sofia


photographer: Ivan Angov
Ivan Angov - Sofia
photographer: Plamen Troshev
Plamen Troshev - Sofia
photographer: Iosif Astrukov
Iosif Astrukov - Sofia


photographer: Tommy Kolev
Tommy Kolev - Sofia
photographer: Anton Petrov
Anton Petrov - Sofia
photographer: Simeon Salov
Simeon Salov - Sofia





Photographers from Burgas, Varna and Plovdiv



photographer: Angel Nenov
Angel Nenov - Varna
photographer: Boby Reshovski
Boby Reshovski - Varna
photographer: Jozef Zidarov. Advertising and Fashion photography
Jozef Zidarov - Varna


photographer: Milen Lesemann
Milen Lesemann - Varna
photographer: Miroslava Kolarova
Miroslava Kolarova - Burgas
photographer: Nina Nikolova
Nina Nikolova - Plovdiv


photographer: Stefan Andreev - MalkiatPrinc
Stefan Andreev - Miami/Plovdiv
photographer: Boris Yankov
Boris Yankov - Plovdiv
photographer: Ivailo Kalinkov
Ivailo Kalinkov - Varna


photographer: Gergana Chakalova
Gergana Chakalova - Varna
photographer: Milan Hristev
Milan Hristev - Plovdiv

Photographers from other towns



photographer: Gencho Petkov
Gencho Petkov - Veliko Tarnovo
photographer: Zlatko Latev
Zlatko Latev - Haskovo
photographer: Sevdalin Donchev
Sevdalin Donchev - Russe


photographer: Hristo Vladimirov
Hristo Vladimirov - Russe
photographer: Alexander Iliev - Sando
Alexander Iliev - Pleven
photographer: Krasi Mirchev
Krasi Mirchev - Gabrovo

Foreign photographers

Foreign photographers, shooting in Bulgaria.



photographer: Vladimir Tasevski
Vladimir Tasevski - Macedonia
photographer: Paul Roeder
Paul Roeder - Berlin/София
photographer: John Setsaas
John Setsaas - Norwey


Peter Lane Photography - Photography and Beauty retouching
Peter Lane - Europe